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Want a quick response? Please:

- Provide ALL information

- ONLY a Parent or Guardian using this service

          this will limit adult photographers directly contacting minors


Click the button below and:

In the email body enter: 

       1]  Your Name  - Parent or Guardian only

       2]  Phone/text number - Parent or Guardian only

       3]  As much information as possible about the event:

                 - Date, Time, location

                 - Sport, including level (V, JV, C, Fresh)

                 - Both teams - format [Away at Home]

                 - Indicate which team is yours

                 - Player Name, Jersey Number and Position

Please provide ALL information

   be detailed and complete to get a response

While we don't have photographers in all markets, we will do our best to find someone that can accommodate you as best as possible.

All of our photographers volunteer their time to get photo coverage for your school's official Athletics website.  Please support their efforts by purchasing photos and encouraging others to do the same.

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